Dear Daughter

My dearest daughter
I hope you know
How sweet it is
To watch you grow

From the baby
Within my arms
To this new person
So full of charms

Your caring heart
And brilliant mind
Makes this mom proud
That we're intwined

I hope to shape
You day by day
And give you space
To find your way

I'll have your back
Through thick and thin
And help you find
What lies within

I'll show you how
To chase your dreams
Because we make
The perfect team

And when it's time
To leave the nest
I'll hold my tears
And won't protest

Because I know
That all too soon
You will emerge
From your coccoon

And butterflies
Must stretch their wings
And I'll release
The apron strings

Until that day
I will teach you
What I may

A mother's work
Is never done
But having you
Makes it more fun

So test the world
In your own way
Find your power
And make it pay

But remember
My advice
When searching for
Your paradise

No matter what
We may go through
I will always
Be thankful for you

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