Hello, Everyone!

I know this isn’t the type of content I normally post, but I have an article for sale that needs a home.

It’s 2,500 words on The Risks and Benefits of Social Media, and I originally wrote it as a companion/guide to a social media workshop. However, the client fell through in the worst way possible- by ghosting me after their check bounced- so, now it’s available for someone else!

Here’s an outline of the article:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Impacts of Social Media
    • Positive Impacts
    • Negative impacts
  • Social Media and Bullying
  • Social Networking and Catfishing
  • Mitigating the Negative Effects of Social Media
  • Conclusion

The original price was $1 a word for it, but I’m willing to negotiate! That way, we can find something that works for everyone!

The first section of the article is below, and you can comment on this post or email for more info!

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