The Drive

The drive is leaving before sunrise
Fueling up on gas and bad pizza at four am
Praying the cold coffee keeps you awake 
While you map your directions  

The drive is crossing new borders and seeing new land
It’s the rumble of tires on pavement,
While you turn up your favorite song to fill the emptiness of the highway
And sing along like your life depends on it

The drive is passing unfamiliar skylines
While gorging on fast food to sate your hunger
Stopping just long enough to stretch your legs
Before they forget how to work

The drive is miles and miles of open road
That will bore you to tears
As you do everything you can to stay awake
And reach your destination

The drive is finally making it to your hotel
As the darkness creeps in from the horizon
Reminding you how far you’ve come
And how far you’ve yet to go

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