grayscale photo of stop sign
I came to see the humans 
I’d heard so much about 
The others called me crazy 
But I had to seek them out 
I landed in a corn field 
Against a pitch-black sky 
The humans were excited
And grabbed me with a cry
They took me to a building 
These creatures made of flesh 
Who stripped me of my garments
And sent me to the creche  
Then people in white lab coats 
Arrived to study me
Hoping to communicate
With this bold refugee
But after being prodded  
And poked with needled tubes 
I felt myself grow weary 
Of these unsightly rubes 
Exhausted from complying
With their dumb little games
I morphed into a monster
And broke their feeble chains

The humans started screaming
As chaos then ensued
But I was on a mission
And refused to be subdued 

Some humans tried to kill me 
Some tried to make me tame 
But one thing was for certain 
Their bones tasted the same.  

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