Pomegranate juices flow 
Down her alabaster chin 
Granting her the world below 
For she chose a life of sin 
Ululations of the dead 
Her discordant symphony 
Shadows sit atop her head 
A dark crown of tyranny 
Ceding her virginity 
Unto a covetous god 
She found an affinity 
For her husband's dark fa├žade 
She was queen of the depraved 
On a throne of ebony 
An existence which she craved 
But one marred by jealousy 
Disdainful of her romance 
And a countenance austere 
Mother breaks apart their dance 
As she claims her half a year 
Far below, her husband waits 
While maintaining their routine 
For Hades is her achates 
And Persephone his queen 
Reunited once again 
They distribute sweet despair 
For it's hell they must maintain 
And the queen is less than fair 

Persephone was originally published in the Northeastern State University Writing Contest Collection / Volume 3, Fall 2018/2019.

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