water droplet digital wallpaper

Rain is coming.

I sense it in the excited chattering of the cottonwood leaves as they turn their silvery backsides to the overcast sky.

I smell it on the wind- a subtle perfume that reminds me of freshly-turned dirt within a forgotten graveyard.

I hear it in the distance, a steady beat of fingernails on the inside of a coffin lid as it begs to be released.

I taste it in the blood that slowly drips down my throat, warm and comforting as the world around me grows ever colder.

I see it in my dreams- dark clouds creeping along the horizon, their secrets illuminated by flashes of memory shaped like lightning bolts.

I feel the anticipation on my skin- it trembles at the promise of being cleansed and reborn into a new world ripe for the taking.

Rain is coming, and it’s bringing my salvation.

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