31 Days of Halloween Poetry!

Spooky Season has arrived! To celebrate my favorite time of the year, I’ve challenged myself to write one micro-poem a day until October 31st.

I will be updating THIS blog post with each new entry, or you can follow the original challenge on Twitter. Either way, it’s going to be fun!

Who’s ready to get SPOOKY? 🎃

Hear the macabre chimes
Of bone on bone
As they sway in the wind
And call us home


One million jagged teeth
Smile widely in the night
Calmly waiting to bequeath
His eternal appetite


She is standing 
Right behind you
Avert your eyes
And pray


Find the horseman's 
Severed head
It's shaped like a pumpkin
And full of dread
But if you can't find it
Best beware
For he may take yours
And place it up there.


Tangled webs teeming with lies 
Catches the most scrumptious flies
So the spiders pulling strings
Can saunter down and eat like kings


In a trap
With no way out
I close my eyes
And wait.


Fertile soil in my hand
Use my body for this land
Compost me and let me rot
In the communal garden plot


Jack-O-Lantern in the night 
With his smile gleaming bright
Keeps the evil ghosts away 
So our kids can run and play


Do not seek the hidden room
Or it may become your tomb
For the secrets locked away
Are anxious to enact our doom


If you've got spirits in your head 
Come to me-don't be misled 
I have the cure for all your ails
At one of my trepanning sales!


This contract, 
Bound in blood, 
Cannot be 


A raven's dark cry 
Echoes off the silent tombs 
Calling out the dead


Ring the bells of the dead
Wake them from their earthy bed
So they can rattle in the night
And dance until the morning light


Respect the bones of our Elders
For they have a lot to say
And even though they're dead and gone
Their children must obey


Icy fingertips
Snake down my spine
Chilling me to the bone
And taking what is mine 


An autumn wind blows 
Through the headstones 
Alerting the dead- 
Their time has come.


They came from the stars
In ships as bright as day
Looking for the people
They'd like to take away


Though your mind may wander
And your spirit may roam free
You must remember, dear
Your body stays with me


My crystal ball and tarot cards
Reveal your hidden fate
Step into my wagon, dear
Let's see what we create


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