The Necromancer

The graveyard was nice and serene 
Until somebody caused a big scene 
And woke these old bones 
From beneath their headstones 
For the purpose of recycling 
A young necromancer stood by 
And ordered our bones to comply 
So, we shuffled along 
Though we knew it was wrong 
For skeletons never were spry 
The young necromancer, named Hal 
Saw that we were low on morale 
“Cheer up, now” he said 
“for you’re no longer dead! 
And soon you will be my new pal!” 
He marched us into a great pit 
Where our bones were mixed up and split 
With others, purloined 
To then be conjoined 
Into something I dare not admit 
While looking for things to add on 
Hal realized we were a great pawn 
So, he marveled in awe 
But forgot one small flaw  
That the magic lasts only ‘till dawn 
When sunlight began to appear 
Our bones collapsed with a cheer 
And Hal was distraught 
That his work was for naught 
And urged him to change his career 

If you liked this poem, you can find it and more in my upcoming collection By the Bones, which will be released Halloween 2020!

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