The Court Cards

The Queen of Hearts is smirking, 
She has a tale to tell 
But the Queen of Clubs is working 
Another day-long spell. 
The Queen of Spades is lurking 
Her doubts are hard to quell 
Of the Queen of Diamonds, clerking 
Her wealth and doing well. 
And all the Queens are jerking 
To stop Heart’s planned ravel.  
The King of clubs is planning 
An evening full of fun 
And the King of Hearts is manning 
The prizes to be won. 
But the King of Spades is banning 
And will not be outdone 
While Diamond’s troops are scanning 
For the best location. 
Now they’re all caravanning, 
The party has begun! 
The Knave of Spades is tricky 
His eyes are everywhere. 
The Jack of Diamonds’ picky 
About the whole affair 
When the Knave of Clubs is sicky, 
A little worse for wear, 
And the Jack of Hearts is sticky 
While acting on a dare. 
The four of them are pricky, 
The court better beware! 
The Court has a selection 
Of King and Queen and Knave 
Each one their own collection 
With meanings bright and grave. 
Choose carefully your section 
And hope that they behave, 
But if you land perfection 
Your whole hand you will save!  

This poem was inspired by Cartomancy and the Lost Origin of Playing Card Symbols.

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