Oh Beloved

Oh, beloved. Here I stand upon the middle step,
Fearing to go forward but unable to go back,
But all my promises I have kept,
And in your love, I'll never lack.
Ever closer to the edge I come,
The day approaching to an end,
My life in measure has no sum,
All my love to you I send.
Stumbling on the edge of light,
Many more steps I’ve to descend,
Quickly being overcome by night,
Save me you oh loving friend.
And if in fact we should ever part,
Know that you forever have my heart.

This sonnet was inspired by the Bard himself, and so is your writing prompt! Find a subject, be it a loved one, a pet, or even a favorite houseplant, and write them a sonnet! Don’t worry about iambic pentameter; just have fun with it!

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