The Beast

Wilted roses under glass
Set upon the tabletop
Hearing shadows as they pass
Unsure how to make them stop.

Candlesticks try to advise,
Clocks remind me of the hour,
As I long for my demise
To escape the witch's power.

Prowling between empty rooms
In this prison I have made,
This castle shall be our tombs
And my legacy shall fade.

How was I supposed to know
That the beggar at my door
Was a witch who would bestow
A curse which love would restore?

I have no hopes of finding love
Nor for us to be released.
Even though it would behoove,
Who could ever love a beast?

This poem was inspired by watching “Beauty and the Beast” twice in a row. Your Writing Prompt is to take a Disney movie and create a poem from one of the other character’s points of view. 

This is my interpretation. What’s yours?

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