Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


Saint Patrick’s Day has arrived
Let us all give out a cheer
For our souls may be revived
When we break out all the beer

We’ll eat corned beef and cabbage
As we sing of Irish Eyes
Today will not be average
As we don our green disguise

We’ll talk about leprechauns
Hoarding gold in magic pots
We’ll play games to test our brawns
As we fashion Celtic knots

With the ending of the day
We recall the days of old
The Irish are here to stay
For it’s their blood we now hold

So, order a pint of beer
As we sing of “Erin go Braugh”
Saint Patrick will shed a tear
As we make his day bourgeois


The prompt for this poem is Saint Patricks Day! I hope you’re all wearing Green 🙂

The photo came from Wikipedia, with credit to John Patrick O’Riley. 

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