In Her Kitchen

In her kitchen, the cabinets were pink

Like, hideous, Pepto-Bismol pink

That reminded me of sickness

But her presence gave it life


In her kitchen, cookies were baked

Fried pies and blackberry cobblers

Were consumed by our greedy mouths

Before they’d had a chance to cool


In her kitchen, stories were told

Lessons were given with coffee

About life, love, and memories

As her wisdom became mine


In her kitchen, holidays were held

Family packed into small spaces

Giving thanks and praise to God

For another year with her


In her kitchen, tears were wiped

And counsel was given with food

In hopes of making the issue

As sweet as her chocolate gravy


In her kitchen, every day was a gift

Full of sunshine and laughter

As she took life by the horns

And refused to compromise


In memory of my Nannie, Helen Swon, who was called home on March 8th, 2019.

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