The Ghazal about Guzzling

In all walks of life, we guzzle

Oh, how we love to sit and guzzle


As babes at our mother’s breast

We’d take her milk and guzzle


As children playing with the rest

We’d offer juice and guzzle


As adults in our Sunday best

We’d fill our glass and guzzle


Our cars and houses also blessed

As gas and money, they’d guzzle


Until our waning years possessed

Our souls and the love they guzzled


Then they said, Erynn, let us rest

For it was life we’d guzzled


The prompt for this poem was to “write a Ghazal about guzzling”.

I’ve never written a Ghazal before, so this was quite a challenge. How would you have written it?

To learn more about the Ghazal, visit the Poetry Foundation

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