Mom’s Rocking Chair

 (LIGHTS UP. The scene is in a rectangular room with beige walls and wooden floors. There’s a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling that looks somewhat out of place, a door to the left that leads outside, and an archway to the right that leads to the rest of the house. In the center of the room is an old rocking chair. It’s solid wood, well worn, and has a quilted cushion resting on the seat)

(Samantha is dusting the cushion as LUCY enters through the archway)



Looks like mom’s chair is the only thing left to pack.


(Straightens and stands behind chair to face LUCY)

Yeah. Do you remember how she sang as she rocked? It was always the same hymn, but she managed to sing it differently every time. I’ll miss that.


(touches the chair lovingly)

I remember. Look, I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you. I know you did everything you could for mom, and I know she loved you dearly. She’d want you to have the chair.


We agreed to give it to the church, remember? Besides, I don’t know what I’d do with it.


(sits in the chair)

Then…what if I take it?



What would you do with it?


Well, ever since the funeral, I’ve been thinking about moving back home. Maybe I can put her chair to good use. Besides, it really should stay in the family.


I don’t know, Lucy. You don’t have a great reputation for taking care of your furniture.

(Thinks about it)

However, I agree that it should stay in the family, so, yeah. You take it. But please, take good care of it, ok?


I promise!


(LUCY comes around the chair and hugs SAMANTHA. They release, and LUCY gently picks up the chair and walks out the door with it. SAMANTHA takes one more look around the room, smiles, and closes the door for the last time.)




The assignment was to “create a One-page scene (complete beginning, middle, and end of a conflict) based on the “Empty Room” exercise.”

This is my interpretation. What’s yours?


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