Five Useful WordPress Plugins for Writers

As a writer in today’s modern age, you have access to the best tools available to create, publish, and share your content across the web. However, if you have a WordPress site (like I do), you know there are a TON of plugins to sift through. 

To help you narrow the list, here are Five of my favorite WordPress plugins that will take your website (and your content) to the next level. Plus, they’re all FREE!

Yoast SEO

If you have a blog, then you need Yoast on your side. Yoast is a free plugin that analyzes your text and gives you steps to make it as optimized as it can possibly be. It tells you how many keywords you have, if you have missing links or images, how the readability is, and more. Every website needs Yoast!

Moonberry Book Manager

If you’re a published author, you need a way to display your books on your website. Moonberry is the plugin for you! They let you create listings for every book that include the usual items (title, price, description, links), but then they give you the option to add editions, formats, reviews, translations, publisher links, and more!

Copyright Protection

As a writer, it’s devastating to learn that someone’s taken our work and passed it off as their own. Time to take precautions with the Copyright Protection plugin! Once activated, it protects your site from thieves by making your text and images impossible to copy and download. You’ll never lose your work again!


Give your posts a fighting chance with an AI proofreader! Much like Grammarly, this plugin will go through and help you with spelling, grammar, delivery, and more. It’ not perfect, but it can help you improve your skills naturally.

Customer Reviews

If you want reviews and star ratings on your work (who doesn’t?), this is the plugin for you! Customer Reviews lets your readers add reviews to every page, product, and blog post you create- complete with a star rating! It’s a great way to promote engagement and encourage traffic because people love giving constructive criticism.

These five plugins are perfect for old and new websites alike, and they’re all FREE, so what have you got to lose? Install them today and make your website a dynamic, exciting place that your readers can enjoy.

Or, if you have a plugin you can’t live without, let us know in the comments!

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