My Goals and Dreams for 2023

Like many people, I often begin the new year with a list of goals and aspirations to achieve within the next 365 days. Last year (as in 2022), I completed a few of my goals, but most were unobtainable because I didn’t adhere to the SMART method.

This year (2023), I plan to be SMART with my goals for maximum productivity!

They are as follows:

Publish 3 books.

I already have one well on the way that I hope to publish by early January. I also have two fantasy novels, a non-fiction book, and several more poetry collections floating around my brain. This year, I will publish three of them!

Attend 3 Writing/Literary Events.

I already have space reserved for Imaginarium 2023, so that’s one event already crossed off! I just need two more to make this goal a reality.

Market/expand my Podcast.

Present Poetry is still a baby, but I absolutely love watching those numbers climb! I hope to gain more submissions next year, and maybe we can expand to Poet interviews as well!

However, I’m not great at marketing my works, so I’m planning to learn more about marketing a podcast in order to reach the people who need it most!

Gain 3 new Clients.

As much as I love writing for fun, I also write for a living. Next year, I hope to gain at least three clients (or more!) for my content and copywriting business. So, if you or someone you know needs better content, check me out!

Those are my professional goals for 2023. They follow the SMART method, and I feel confident that I can achieve them (along with my personal goals) by the end of next year.

Do you have any goals for 2023? What are they? I’d love to hear about them! 

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