A Chance Encounter

While I performed at market square
A vision caught my eye
They were tall and oh, so fair
My heart began to sigh

I watched as they mingled around 
The sunny market space
They seemed to float above the ground
This creature full of grace

I tried to focus on my work
But I forgot the tune
When I saw their exquisite smirk
And eyes bright as the moon

They had approached my humble stage
And watched me with a smile
I did my damnedest to engage
Their favor with my style

I picked the most romantic songs
And willed my hands to play
I sang about love righting wrongs
And hoped that they would stay

I played until my fingers hurt
And sang my poor voice dry
It was my subtle way to flirt
But my plan went awry

As my display came to a close
I prayed that they'd caught on
But that's not how this story goes
For my vision was gone

I never saw their form again
Nor any form as pure
I guess they weren't mine to attain
Somehow, I will endure

But every time I play a show
In some big city square
I feel a sense of hope, as though
My vision will be there

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