We’re the Same

I am you, and you are me.
We're just alike! Don't you see?
With bodies made from earth and stone,
And spirits from a great unknown.

We eat food to stay alive.
We work, and play, and grow, and thrive.
On a tiny planet within the ‘verse
So alike, yet so diverse.

You are me, and I am you.
Do you doubt my word is true?
We are smart and kind, and bold,
With wills of iron and hearts of gold. 

We work together, or apart,
As we make music, paintings, art,
That tell our stories through the years-
All our hopes, and loves, and fears. 

We are the same, You and I.
Full of magic, and thereby
This life is ours to command-
So get out there and make it GRAND! 

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