The Horseman

Riding home one fateful night
I experienced  a fright
For the road on which I rode
Was the horseman's dark abode

As I rode along my way
The cold wind began to sway
Something dark was drawing near
And the horseman did appear

His large horse was black as coal
And he bellowed for my soul
As I spurred my horse to flee
But the horseman followed me

His laugh echoed of the trees
As my horse began to seize
Soon enough, it dropped right dead
As I faced the fiery head

The horseman towered over me
Cackling like a mad banshee
I was under his dark spell
But my fright I could not quell

As the horseman took my life
With the sharp edge of his knife
His ego began to bloat
As my soul began to float

The horseman planned to replace
The void with my corpse-like face
But my head, it would not sit,
He needed a better fit

One by one he hunts us down
Looking for his missing crown
It's the fate he must follow
In the town of Sleepy Hollow

Photo by Melissa Griffin from Pexels

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