The raft creaks beneath my feet 

As the ocean waves roll on 

I don’t know where I’m headed 

But I know the past is gone 


A tattered sail propels me 

As the breeze shoves me away 

Into a blue horizon 

To pursue a brand-new day 


With rain for my hydration 

And the fish to keep me fed 

I sail into the future 

Unaware of what’s ahead 

Maybe I’ll find an island 

A new land to call my own 

With coconuts and mangos 

And the fear of life alone 


Or maybe a hurricane 

With its fury and delight 

Will send my raft a-spinning 

And condemn me to the night 


The future is uncertain 

As I drift off with the tide 

Regardless of what happens 

I shall enjoy the ride  

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