A Modern Ballad

Welcome, friends, and gather ‘round,
For I have a tale to tell. 
Of a horror newly found
Within my own hotel. 

There I was, deep in my work,
Composing what I’ve seen,
When a symbol did appear
That soon caused quite a scene. 

Cries of anguish next rang out
And echoed through the hall.
They were full of fear and doubt
Since released from their thrall. 

As for me, I knew the risk
When choosing my abode.
Though the shock was rather brisk,
I needed the reload. 

Sitting there, I sipped some wine
While waiting for the news. 
I knew things would soon align
And bring me back my muse. 

The other guests weren’t as keen
To wait for their relief.
They were starved and turning mean,
Reacting to their grief. 

Our poor host had heard enough
Complaints to last a year. 
She walked off in quite a huff
And got the workers here. 

With the coming of the dawn
I heard of their success.
That symbol  at last was gone
And life could now progress. 

This is where my story ends,
You know what it’s about,
We’ve all felt this way, my friends,
When the internet goes out! 

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