The Fairy House

green leaves with yellow lights
Deep beneath the ebon trees 
Resides a house of gold 
A temple to the fairies 
Or so the story’s told 
Every night, they sing a tune 
That keeps darkness away 
While the full light of the moon 
Reflects on their display 
Many souls have tried to find 
This golden house of mirth 
But the darkness lurks behind 
And pulls them to the earth 
Once the darkness claims the flesh 
The soul will be set free  
Ready to begin afresh 
Under the gold marquee  
For, with every soul that’s lost 
A new fairy arrives 
The darkness incurs a cost 
For all its stolen lives 
And the fairies shall rejoice 
As their numbers slowly grow 
For they now have a stronger voice 
To rebuke the keen shadow 

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