A Mother’s Work.

"A mother's work is never done,"
Or so they often say.
Sipping their coffee with the sun
To start another day.

The chores and work that she endures
On top of raising kids;
She watches as each one matures,
While learning from their skids.

A mother keeps encouraging
Their child's hopes and dreams.
While caring for and cherishing
Their memories and schemes.

Supporting them from the background
When life is going strong,
But her kids know she'll be around
To help when things go wrong.

A mother wears her pride and joy
For all the world to see,
And though her children may annoy,
a mother still, she'll be.

"A mother's work is never done,"
But she always finds the way,
So, let's make her life a special one,
For this year's Mother's Day!

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