Beware the Beast

There is an evil that’s just been released  
And I nearly became it’s late-night feast 
 For in the forest, on the road heading east 
Coils the path of the recondite beast 
No one recalls how the beast came about  
With his large, swirling eyes and coal-black snout 
But there is one thing that leave not a doubt 
How no one returns from taking that route 
Take care, my friends, of the path he may roam 
For if you take it, you’ll never get home 
The beast devours every chromosome 
And turns you into a puddle of foam 
I met the beast on a cold winter’s eve 
His teeth were massive-too big to believe 
I swung around and attempted to leave 
But couldn’t escape his longing to reave  
Please swear, dear friends, that you’ll not take his course 
For he will greet you with abnormal force 
That’s what I learned as I hid in the gorse 
Watching, appalled, as the beast ate my horse 
When he was finished, the beast walked away 
But I was frightened and opted to stay 
Until the sun rose and announced the day 
And that’s when I bolted without delay 
I now stand before you, sharing my tale 
Hoping to teach you with every detail 
For the beast is cunning and shall assail 
Anyone who passes his sacred trail 
So, recall my tale of what’s been released 
Or you may become an unwilling feast 
For in the forest, on the road heading east 
Coils the path of the recondite beast. 

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