How to Stay Calm During the Quarantine

Listen, the world is a scary place right now. The Coronavirus has sent everyone into panic mode by canceling events and putting entire cities in quarantine.

So how can we stay calm when the world is imploding around us?

First, get your facts straight.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other forms of social media are NOT news sources. To get up-to-date, accurate facts about the virus, visit the CDC website, the WHO website, or even Snopes for some fact-checking resources. If you find something that seems legit, be sure to check the source before sharing, and don’t share information that may not be true. That way, we can limit the spread of misinformation.

Secondly, be prepared.

Coronavirus presents like an upper respiratory infection, so get your hands on some tissues, decongestant, cold/flu meds, and pain relievers/fever reducers. If you have children, make sure you get some for them as well.
However, if the stores are out of those items, you can always try a more natural solution! Elderberries, Mullein, and Eucalyptus are just a few natural ways to relieve your symptoms. Elderberry tea helps with flu symptoms, Mullein tea helps with mucus, and taking a hot shower with some Eucalyptus will clear those sinuses right out. For more home remedies, check out Reader’s Digest Canada.

Thirdly, help each other and be compassionate.

Store clerks, the elderly, and the children are the ones most likely to be affected by the panic-buying. The clerks have to work long hours, while the children and the elderly try to survive without necessities. That’s why we need to reach out to the community and help where we can. Have extra toilet paper? Offer it to the grandma next door. Know of a free lunch program? Tell the struggling mother down the street. Taking care of each other is how we survive.

And finally, have fun!

Think of it this way- since you’re stuck at home, why not catch-up on that tv show, play with your kids, or write the next bestselling novel? Think of the quarantine as an extended vacation where you get to stay home and do all the things you’ve been putting off. Take advantage of it!

The world may seem scary, but if you remain calm and think rationally about things, you’ll have no problem surviving this current outbreak. Stay indoors, WASH YOUR HANDS, and use soap/sanitizer at every opportunity. Just think- when this blows over, we’ll be the cleanest people around!

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