Running through the supine woods
To escape my destiny
Freedom is within my grasp
But his face is all I see.

Hollow lips call out my name
To remind me of my bond
Slender fingers grab my wrist
And, at once, my freedom's gone.

"No escape for you today,
My unfettered honeybee.
Though you wish to leave my side,
Your soul still belongs to me."

"Please!" I cried, "release me now!"
Do not pressure me to stay!
My lord, I know your secrets,
And I need to get away!"

Fingers tighten on my arm
As he whispers in my ear;
"You're my bride, sweet Rosalie.
There is nothing you should fear."

Silent tears fall down my cheeks
As he gently pulls me close.
"We are fated, you and I,
Let me offer you repose."

I then looked him in the eyes,
Glowing silver 'neath the stars.
"Come with me, my love," He smirked,
"And the whole world shall be ours."

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