The Forbidden Feast

Come sit at our table
Where the feast resides
Eat as much as you're able
Every plate satisfies

Isn't the meat exquisite
The wine is fresh and warm
Here, take another bite
And let your world transform

Chew the meat more slowly
And savor its sweet kiss
This one was lowly
I know he won't be missed

Roasted, fried, or stewed
You cannot get enough
Though others think it lewd
You're made of different stuff

When your thirst is slated
And you've eaten past your fill
Another piece is plated
From yesterday's kill

Blood drips down your chin
As you enjoy your feast
Putting aside the skin
You ingest the deceased

Finally, you're satisfied
With the meal at hand
It's the first time you've tried
Long-pig from this land

Wiping blood off your face
You plan for your next meal
Supplies are set in place
And children taste like veal.

This is one of my favorite creations to date! Your Writing Prompt for this week is to take a taboo subject (like cannibalism) and write a poem that describes the subject but does not name it. 

This is my interpretation. What’s yours?

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