An Encounter

They came for us in the night with slender fingers that gripped our arms and escorted us to a new location. Large eyes shone with the knowledge of centuries as they laid us on tables that descended from pristine ceilings. The air was neither cold, nor warm, and we had no concerns about our lack of clothing as our hosts treated us to a meal of turquoise sludge that had the consistency of coffee. It tasted awful.

After our meal, they helped us up and paraded us around the room. The walls reflected our images, but we could see the outlines of other beings watching us through the glass. Despite this, we were unafraid and willingly performed the poses and moves requested of us.

Our hosts were compassionate with us as they instructed us in their bizarre display of human flexibility and motor skills. I do not know how long we performed for our guests; time was irrelevant, and we did not wish to know.

After our performance, they returned us to the tables and used a gel-like substance to restrain us, which was an unnecessary precaution against such compliant guests.
That’s when the machines arrived. They were sparkling with tubes and wires, and some part of us struggled against the sludge and restraints, but we were powerless. Our hosts connected wired to every part of our bodies, and the tubes quickly filled with a variety of fluids. Blood, urine, semen, saliva, spinal fluid, amniotic fluid, and more poured out of us and into the waiting receptacles, which filled quickly.

Once unhooked, our hosts gave us another meal of green and purple pills. We washed them down with more of the turquoise sludge and followed our hosts into another room that contained a circle of metallic chairs. We each took a chair and waited as the room went dark.

A hologram appeared in the middle of the circle, and it challenged us to a series of puzzles and games designed to test our mental capabilities. This lasted for some time, and we could see our hosts observing us as their blueish skin glowed faintly in the light of the hologram.

Once the hologram ended and the lights slowly went back to their normal brightness, our hosts led us from the room and took us back to the examination tables. They seemed pleased with the results, though it was hard to tell from their expressionless faces. We found our clothing neatly folded on the tables and proceeded to dress without comment as our hosts conferred amongst themselves. When they had finished, they led us from the room and gave us each a tag that had different colors on it that represented how we faired in their experiments. They then gave us another pill that made us all black out entirely.

When we awoke, we were home in our beds. The encounter with our hosts was no more than a memory within a dream, and most of us chose to forget the matter entirely. I alone remember the details of our stay, and it is my duty to impart this message from our gracious hosts.

They are watching us.


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