Mommy: a poem

Mommy, mommy, hold me tight
As I cry throughout the night.
Make me feel all safe and sound
In this family I have found.
Hold my hand and keep me near,
For I am full of doubt and fear.
Promise that I am here to stay,
And that you won't give me away.
Be my mom forever more,
and make me better than before.
Teach me how to grow and learn,
And even when I think you're stern,
Know that I'm doing my best,
And that, with you, I'm truly blessed!



This poem was created in honor of my new foster daughter! We’ve had some rough patches, but I don’t know how we’ve ever lived without her.

Your prompt is to take a situation (like foster care) and write a poem from the opposite point of view.

This is my interpretation. What’s yours?

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