How to make Crème brûlée

Find your best whisk and combine

Six egg yolks with some sugar.

Blend them together until

The pain begins to dissolve.


Preheat your favorite oven

Before adding sweetened lies

That congeal within the bowl

And scald your battered spirit.


Line up your clean ramekins,

Each one an empty vessel

Ready to hold the mixture

You recklessly created.


Boil water with your rage

Add it to the pan and drown

Those who try to defeat you

Before sending them to hell.


Bake for forty-five minutes,

A lifetime to remember

The hurt you experienced

At the hands of those you loved.


Refrigerate the ramekins

For one million painful years

As the apathetic ice

Calms your blubbering passion.


Remove the ramekins from

The new wasteland of your heart.

The fires left it barren,

Never to bear fruit again.


Sprinkle some sugar on top,

Masking the taste of betrayal.

Now, set the whole thing aflame

And caramelize the memory

Ad Infinitum.


The prompt for this poem was to “create a recipe poem with an underlying message.”

This is my interpretation. What’s yours?

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