The Talon Literary Journal

The Talon is Northeastern State University's literary journal. It features art, poetry, and prose by NSU students, faculty, staff, and other community members. The Talon is published annually by NSU's Publication Workshop class.   Within are my poems “By the Bones,” “Where’s my Face,” and “Medusa.”

By the Bones

By the Bones is a graveyard of poems about monsters, madness, and the inevitable darkness that comes for us all. Within these pages live a coven of witches, a hungry Wendigo, a Necromancer, and more ghosts and skeletons than I can say. You’ll also get a glimpse into real places – like the “suicide forest” of Japan, the Body Farm of Tennessee, or the infamous Catacombs of Paris – and witness their haunted memories for yourself. By the Bones is a graveyard, but readers beware – You may not want to visit alone.