Daughter of divinity

Youngest of the trinity

Was your beauty caught the eye

Of Poseidon passing by


On Athena’s temple floor

You became Poseidon’s whore

While Athena watched and cried

For her priestess cast aside


When Poseidon’s deed was done

And your purity he’d won

He escaped Athena’s wrath

Leaving you within her path


But Athena’s wisdom saw

How your heart was bruised and raw

You were not the one to blame

For your newfound guilt and shame


She embraced your broken soul

Made a vow to make you whole

Used her magic to ensure

That you’d live in peace, obscure


In the desecrated space

You soon feel the change take place

Opening a thousand eyes

You embrace your new disguise


Now the mortals run in fear

When they sense that you are near

Wary of your stony glare

And the serpents in your hair


This poem was inspired by the legend of Medusa. I’ve always wondered why Athena cursed Medusa for something that wasn’t her fault, so I changed the narrative.

Your Writing Prompt for today is to Take a legend or fairy tale and turn it into something new. 

This is my interpretation.

What’s yours?


Artwork provided by The Fantasy Art of Lillian Asterios! Click the link to learn more!

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