The Chains that Bind by R.L. Seago

How do you find peace when all you want is revenge?

The Absurdity by Amaan Ahmad

A dark, twisted thriller about one person's search for identity.

Anonymous by Christine Benedict

The story of Debra, her friend Julie, and the Anonymous men who changed their lives.

51 Poems by Marcus Bales

A fun collection of original poetry

Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright

A magical story of self-discovery, hidden talents, and dark prophecies.

A Wounded World by Crit Kincaid

The life of Normal Albert Steves was anything but Normal.

Disco Danby by Johnalan Wright

Can Danby end the war of the gods and save humanity?

The Cure by Tania Hagan

How can two ordinary teenagers change the world forever?

LadyErynn's Review Policy

A comprehensive look at my Review policy.

Luminosity by Stacy McWilliams

A fantasy story about a girl who's trying to survive a family of demons.

The Blue Horse by Jill Hand

An intriguing tale about a Blue Horse and the time travel agents who try to find it.

A Questionable Hero by Stephen Gane

Why did Liston save the life of WPC Wendy Parker?

The Little Girl by Thatcher C. Nalley

A suspensful tale about a little girl and the therapist who tried to help her.

Traveling Forward by Michael Ciafone

An inspiring story about the life of a TBI survivor!

Millionaire Baby: Cracking the Wealth Code by Suzanna Lam

A surprisingly fun novel with some relevant information!

Southbound by Joseph Ferguson

Welcome to the world of the Basement Man.

Black History is American History by Thomas Baker

A scholarly debate on the usefulness of Black History Month.

The Gentlemen's Club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

A steamy, sexy erotica set in Victorian England.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

If you've never had nightmares before, you will after reading this stellar short-story collection!

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New reviews every Monday!

Coming soon!

New reviews every Monday!

Coming soon!

New reviews every Monday!