It's no secret that life can get pretty terrible. Circumstances can pile up until life feels like it's spinning out of control, and we barely know how to blink during that time. But what if it were different? What if we could stop the never-ending cycle of life and pull ourselves off the carousel? All we need is Dr. Mind. Dr. Mind by Burbuque Raufi is a running dialogue about how the author changed her life by changing herself. It all started when she discovered a tumor in her kidney. This news sent her into a spiraling depression that made the tumor, and her sickness, worse. Her family tried to give her hope, but Raufi simply shut down and refused to listen to anything they said. That's when her sister sent Raufi a book titled "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. This book changed the way Raufi thought about her situation, her diet, her religion, and her life. She took every word to heart and began following Hay's instructions to the letter. And now, she thinks we can do the same. This book is an inspiring story that's full of wisdom and instruction on how you can follow in the author's footsteps and change your life for the better. It's also a bit of an advertisement for Louise Hay's book and other works, but given that she changed the author's life for the better, it's understandable. There are a few things to consider when reading this story. The writing style is very messy, with several run-on sentences, incomplete phrases, and misspelled or misused words everywhere. It makes the story very choppy and might put off a new reader. The thing to keep in mind is that English is not Raufi's first language, If you can get past that, you might just be able to change your life. I give Dr. Mind a 3 out of 5. The story is inspirational and touching, but the format leaves much to be desired. However, it did encourage me to think about my life in a more positive light, so mission accomplished! About the Author: Burbuqe Raufi is an Award winning Albanian author who lives with her family in Macedonia and continues to write a different genre of literature. Dr. Mind is her debut novel, and it was quickly followed by The Tavern. To learn more about the author and her works, visit her Amazon Page or connect with her on Facebook. To read Dr. Mind for yourself, check out the link below! The author's photo came from Amazon.