Let's get real. The world is a crazy place right now, and the threat of nuclear war is a terrifying concept that I never thought I'd experience in my lifetime. I don't know if the threat is real, but it's hard to keep calm when everyone is panicking around you. However, you will survive. How many times have we watched shows like The Walking Dead and thought about what we'd do in that situation? Or read books about surviving in an apocalyptic wasteland? We are more prepared to face this threat than you think, and I'm here to add one more step to your quest for survival. We're going to make a Bug-out Bag. Bug-out Bag are homemade survival kits that will help keep you alive when you need to leave your life in a hurry. I've kept a Bug-out Bag in my car since 2012-2013, and I'm always adding new things to it. Here's a rundown of everything that's inside: That's what's in my pack so far. Eventually, I will add: You also want to remember your wallet with any ID cards, and possibly get an extra bottle or two of any medication you may need. Once you get the bulk of your supplies together, you're going to need a sturdy bag to keep it all together. I'm using an Outdoor brand backpack that has so many pockets it's unreal. It's great because everything fits inside it with ease, and there's plenty of room to add more as I need to. Make sure it's a bag that fits comfortably on you because you may end up carrying it for quite a while, depending on the circumstances. Now, I should mention that I am by no means a Bug-out Bag expert. The supplies will be different for everyone, but you should always have some sort of food, water, shelter, and first aid included. To learn more about making a Bug-out Bags, check out these websites: Bug Out Bag Academy, The Art of Manliness, Gray Wolf Survival, Skilled Survival, and Outside. It's scary to think that the world might end at any moment, but making a Bug-out Bag and creating a Contingency Plan will help ease your mind and ensure your survival. After all, panic never helped anyone. Do you have a Bug-out Bag? What's inside it? What would you add to mine? Let me know!