A happy Jentacular spread!
Breakfast is always a great time of the day. You have an infinite number of food options, all of them delicious, and there's nothing like fueling up for whatever life throws at you. But when is the best time to eat Breakfast? Well, if you eat immediately after getting up, you're having a Jentacular meal. Jentacular (Jan-tack-u-lar) is a word that means "pertaining to a breakfast taken early in the morning, or immediately on getting up." It comes from the Latin ientaculum ("a breakfast taken immediately on getting up") and English -ar, or jentare (to breakfast). From what I can tell, it was first defined around 1955 when it was included in the Dictionary of Early English by Joseph T. Shipley. However, he used an example from Terrae Filius: or the Secret History of the University of Oxford that was published in 1721, which leads me to believe that the origin of Jentacular goes much deeper than what I'm able to find. Jentacular is an adjective and can be used as such when writing. Some examples may include:
"The jentacular presentation was pleasing to both eye and palate." "The best part of the meeting had to be the free jentacular service." "I like to indulge in a jentacular meal before taking my morning stroll."
Breakfast has always been touted as the most important meal of the day (though, that has recently come into question) and I'm always down to enjoy some Jentacular delights! To learn more about this delicious word, visit Wordsmith, Wordnik, Your Dictionary, and Collins Dictionary, The photo is my own