Last week, my husband and I took a trip to our favorite restaurant. We only get to visit it once a month or so, and the food was so amazing (as it always is) that we were both sad when it was gone. Later, as I was researching a word for this week, I realized that we could call our experience there an Ephemeral one. Ephemeral (ephem-er-al) is defined as "lasting for a day" or "lasting for a short time." It comes from the Greek ephemeros, which means "lasting a day or daily."
Drinking coffee is Ephemeral, but oh so good!
We have many Ephemeral experiences throughout our lives, both good and bad, and they help shape who we become. Coffee with friends can be a good Ephemeral experience, while a meeting with the boss might be a bad one. Ephemeral is an adjective and can be used as such when writing. Some examples may include:
"Yet apart from all transitory passions and the ephemeral results of mortal love, the song of the Taoist lover soars unstained, untrammeled." History of Chinese Literature by Professor Herbert Giles.
"His passions are ephemeral and constantly changing from one to the next."
"Of course, all that happened tonight was ephemeral, fantastic, unseemly--yet it lacked neither colour nor originality." The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
Ephemeral is an easy word to use, and it can describe a multitude of things. One important thing that Ephemeral describes is our actions and words. Everything we say or do is Ephemeral in nature, but their effects can last a long time. For example, an act of kindness to a stranger might be Ephemeral to you, but it will create a lasting impression on them. Alternately, treating someone cruel or hateful, even for a moment, might leave them sore for years to come. Things we do have consequences, so I urge you to use your Ephemeral powers for good. You could buy coffee for a stranger, or send someone flowers out of the blue. Whatever you do, remember that our acts may be Ephemeral, but our love will last a lifetime! To learn more, visit The Free Dictionary, Mirriam-Webster, and The Oxford Dictionary. The photo is my own.