Easy Herb-Infused Oils

A key ingredient for many Herbal recipes!

Passion Flower Power

Despite its name, Passion Flower calms you down!

Healing Honeysuckle

An invasive plant with ancient benefits!

Magnificent Mullein

A versatile plant that can be found everywhere!

Magical Mimosa

A tree that heals both physical and spiritual ailments.


What are they and how can I use them?

Practical Peppermint

Learn the history and benefits of this amazing herb!


A truly Magical brew!

White Tea

The Best of the Best!

Green Tea

The super drink that's available everywhere!

Black Tea

The healthy drink of choice!

Is it a Tea, or a Tisane?

If all we've talked about are Tisanes, what's a Tea?

Radiant Roses

A common flower that will make you beautiful from the inside out!

Violets of Virtue!

These dainty-looking flowers sure do pack a punch!

Pine Needles: The Native American cure.

Feeling sick? Try some Pine Needle Tea!

Dandelion weeds can suit your needs!

See those yellow weeds? Yeah, they're good for you.

White Clover: The edible symbol of Ireland

Add a little Irish Pride to your meals with the common Clover!

Reishi: the Mushroom of Immortality.

I don't know about Immortality, but Reishi definitely has some great benefits!

Dead Nettle: A weed you should heed!

Don't let this ordinary-looking weed fool you.

It's actually quite helpful!

Basil: the one plant you need in your garden!

Basil is so much more than a pretty herb.

It's also extremely good for you!

Coming soon!

New herbs every Tuesday!

Coming soon!

New herbs every Tuesday!

Coming soon!

New herbs every Tuesday!